We have no problem if you bring your dog (s). Of course we expect, in all reasonableness, that your pet (s) will not cause any nuisance to fellow residents or beach visitors. We also expect you to clean up feces, vomit, hair from moulting dogs, etc.

We charge € 14.00 per day per dog for extra cleaning costs. Dogs are of course NOT allowed in the shower, on the couch, beds or other furniture. Should dog hair be found here, it will be removed and rebalanced, as well as other damage and soiling. We like to keep the bungalows tidy for all our guests! It is not advisable to leave a dog alone in the beach bungalow. Dogs must be on a leash at the bungalows.

Please note: the Katwijk beach policy stipulates the following: During the period April 1 to October 1, no dogs are allowed on the beach between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. The reason for this is that beach visitors should not experience too much nuisance from dogs. The clean-up obligation applies from 7 pm to 9 am. The dogs do not need to be leashed.