Would you like to wake up in the morning to the sound of the sea in a luxury beach bungalow on the beach of Katwijk? Relax with a cup of coffee on your sofa overlooking the North Sea with, except for a lost seagull, the tranquility of the deserted beach. Or maybe have breakfast at the adjacent beach club 'het Wantveld'.

After a nice day at the North Sea beach, do not go home in a traffic jam, but relax on the terrace of our beach club. Everything is possible. However, you must book in time, because we only offer 15 luxury beach bungalows at a unique location on the beach of Katwijk. View our range of luxury Beach Bungalows here.

The center of Katwijk is within walking distance. Various cities such as Leiden, The Hague and Amsterdam are also easily accessible by both car and public transport.